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The Best Premium
Hearing Aids.

For a fraction of the cost.

Open 7 Days a Week

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 7:00pm

Sat - Sun: 9:00am - 1:00pm

The Secret to Our Pricing


No More Inflated Profit Margins

We prioritize your well-being over profit., so we can focus on high-quality hearing aids that enhance your life


Only Pay For What You Need

Your first three sessions are included, backed by studies showing 81% satisfaction within this time.


60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our risk-free return policy allows for returns within 60 days, with a full refund guaranteed

Experience Effortless Hearing
Anytime, Anywhere

Standard Everyday
Hearing Aids too expensive

Our Price For 2 Devices


Savings of $2,050

Couple watching TV with hearing aids
Premier Active
why are hearing aids too expensive

Our Price For 2 Devices


Savings of $2,450

Couple walking on beach with Hearing Aids
GN Resound Hearing Aid
Oticon Hearing Aid
Phonak Hearing Aid
Starkey Hearing Aid
Signia Hearing Aid
Widex Hearing Aid

Find Out Which Hearing Aids
Are Right For You

Take Home Trial

No Deposit Needed

Comprehensive Hearing Exam Included


Many Insurance Plans Offer Hearing Aid Benefits!

We Can Maximize Your Savings

Save Yourself the Hold Time, Let Our Experts Provide The Answers To You!

We will call your insurance for you!

This is a complimentary service

Cignia covers hearing aids
bluecross blueshield hearing aid coverage
Aetna covers hearing aids
humana hearing aid coverage
united healthcare hearing aid coverage

Current Hearing Aids
Not Working To Your Expectations?

Our experts will assess your devices and provide recommendations to optimize their performance

See Our Provider

Only $100


Hearing Aid
Clean & Check




Hearing Aid

Aaron Selis

Aaron Selis

Message From Our Founder

"At Hearing Simplified, we've found the balance between Costco-like prices and the personalized, high quality service of private practice. We've modernized our approach to make it refreshingly simple. Our premium hearing aids are identical to those offered by other providers, but at a fraction of the cost"

Happy young woman wearing hearing aids
"I paid $3,750 for the same exact hearing aid that another provider quoted me $6,500 for.  I hardly saw my provider after I purchased my last set, so the unbundled services made the experience cost effective."

- Susan B, Starkey Genesis AI 24

Hearing Aid company in sarasota helps woman
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